Pool and spa water must be maintained with a careful balance to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms such as algae, fungi, and bacteria. Even salt systems need to be monitored.​

Pools being shut down during the winter months need special treatment to protect the surfaces, pump, filter, and valves. We can prep your pool for the off season.

Over time, the weather and normal foot traffic takes a toll on the integrity of pool decks. Small chips and cracks appear, and, if notcaught early, can deteriorate quickly. Small repairs made earlyprevent large scale damage. Removing and replacing a deck is a last resort, and in most cases refinishing is a viable option. Refinishing the deck helps resist cracking, chipping, flaking, dirt accumulation,mold, and keeps the surface cooler in the summer heat.

Poolside offers pool deck repairs, painting, and resurfacing services. We can transform your pool and spa deck to complement theexterior of your home and refurbisging bring new life to your outdoor living space.Call us for a free estimate on your pool deck repairs today.

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 Acid washing is an effective way to improve the look of pool and spa plaster surfaces without the expense of a total replastering or refinishing application. A professionally applied acid wash removes the very top, thin, dingy layer of plaster to reveal a vibrant layer of fresh plaster underneath, restoring the inviting look and brightness of the pool.

While some people prefer to manage their own basic pool maintenance,this is not a good DIY project! The process involves draining the pool(there are several municipal codes to adhere to), carefully applying the acid, properly rinsing the surfaces, clearing debris, refilling the pool and rebalancing the chemical content. It's important to have a qualified pool technician perform this procedure to prevent injury and accidental etching of tile, pool deck, or other surfaces and to avoid severely damaging the plaster.A DIY mistake could result in a total replastering renovation.

Plaster is a vital element in pool construction to keep water completely contained and to prevent seepage and leaks. Propermaintenance is critical to keep the plaster in perfect working orderand to preserve the bright, new finish. That bright finish adds to the beauty of crystal clear water everyone expects to find in a pool.

Poolside technicians are trained to look at the plaster surface for imperfections, lines, and cracks. A number of factors cancontribute to plaster damage and the sooner damage is discovered, theeasier the repair tends to be remedied. Water composition and chemical imbalances can lead to a number of problems, such as: etching, faded color & brightness, scaling, chipping, flaking, discoloration, and cracks.

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Our harsh climate doesn't go on vacation, but you do. Keep the pool inperfect condition while you're gone with our vacation service. With no annual contracts required, a Poolside vacation service call or series is the perfect answer to pool upkeep during your absence.